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So what ink is used for these Temporary Tattoos?

Print Your Own & Temporary Tattoos with TeMaRo's Safe Temporary Tattoo Ink

Temporary Tattoo ink used by TeMaRo is cosmetic grade and non toxic to all skin types and ages

Are you looking for a fun and low-commitment way to try out a new tattoo design with quality temporary tattoo ink?

Temporary tattoos are the perfect solution!

And with TeMaRo's custom temporary tattoo stickers, you can create personalized designs that are safe for all skin types.

So what ink is used for these temporary tattoos?

TeMaRo uses non toxic cosmetic grade ink, which is specifically designed for use on skin.
This type of temporary tattoo ink is free from harmful chemicals and has been tested to ensure that it is safe to use on a variety of skin types.
In addition to using safe ink, TeMaRo Custom Temporary Tattoos also uses eco-friendly rice glue to ensure that our temporary tattoos are as gentle on the environment as they are on your skin.
This eco-friendly glue is made from natural ingredients and breaks down quickly, making it a great choice for anyone who is conscious about their environmental impact.
If you're interested in making your own temporary tattoos at home, you can start by purchasing temporary tattoo paper.
This specialized waterslide temporary tattoo paper is designed to be used with inkjet or laser printers and can be found at most craft stores or online.
Once you've printed your design onto the paper, you can apply it directly to your skin using water.
TeMaRo Custom Temporary Tattoos South Africa
However, it's important to note that not all temporary tattoo paper is created equal.
Some products may use low-quality ink or adhesive that can be irritating to the skin.
That's why it's always a good idea to choose a trusted brand like TeMaRo for your temporary tattoo needs.
If you're ready to try out a new tattoo design without the commitment, TeMaRo's custom temporary tattoo stickers are the perfect choice.
With safe, high-quality ink and eco-friendly rice glue, you can enjoy your temporary tattoo without any worries.
Visit the TeMaRo website today to learn more and start creating your own custom designs!
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Non-toxic & Eco-friendly Custom Temporary Tattoos for All Ages!

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TeMaRo is the expert in printing high-quality tattoo temporary stickers that are perfect for enhancing brand visibility.

Our state-of-the-art temporary tattoo printing factory, situated in Kempton Park Johannesburg, South Africa, can convert any high-resolution image into an amazing temporary tattoo sticker.

We would like to help you recognize the powerful impact our effortless brand visibility tool and how you can use them.

Please contact Us is you have a business doing any of the following:

1. Event Planners: We help wedding planners, party organizers, and event managers who use custom temporary tattoos as party favors, wedding favors, and promotional items for corporate events.

2. Branding and Advertising:  Does your company need to use custom temporary tattoos as part of your branding and advertising campaigns. These tattoos are often used in promotional items like brochures, t-shirts, and stickers.

3. Festivals and Music Events: we print  for music and arts festivals that use custom temporary tattoos as part of their merchandise and promotional items.

The latest in this segment is our Luminous temporary tattoo stickers popular for promotions as well as an admission ticket and resonates well with bright lights and festivals or in clubs.

4. Sports Teams and Fans: Customers who are sports teams and fans use custom temporary tattoos as a part of their team spirit and to show support for their favorite teams.

5. Schools and Universities: Schools and universities use custom temporary tattoos for fundraising, school spirit, and student events.

All Branding and Advertising agencies and companies!

Did you know that many companies are looking for innovative ways to promote their brand, and temporary tattoos provide a unique and memorable way to do so?

Unleash your creative ink. Contact us now!

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