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How much is a Temporary Tattoo in South Africa?

Demystifying  How much is a Temporary Tattoo in South Africa?

Temporary tattoos have become extremely popular among people of all ages in recent times.

These tattoos provide an easy solution for people who want to try out a new design or style without the permanency and commitment of a permanent tattoo.

In South Africa, the price of a temporary tattoo can vary based on a few factors.

In this article, we will discuss how much is a temporary tattoo in South Africa.

The cost of a high quality temporary tattoo in South Africa can range anywhere from R70 to R200, depending on the size and complexity of the design as well as where you are buying them from.

Small designs can cost as little as R50, while larger and more intricate designs can cost up to R500.

The cost of a temporary tattoo is also dependent on the quality of the ink and adhesive being used.

Higher quality ink and adhesive will cost more, but they will last longer and provide a more authentic look.

Temporary tattoos can be found in various stores across South Africa, including online stores like TeMaRo, beauty supply stores, party supply stores, and craft stores.

In addition, many artists and vendors offer temporary tattoos at events and festivals throughout the year.

These vendors often offer a variety of designs and styles to choose from, and they may even be able to create custom designs upon request. like the service that distinguishes TeMaRo from other temporary tattoo printing companies in South Africa.

One of the benefits of temporary tattoos is that they are relatively cheap and easy to apply.

In fact, many temporary tattoos can be applied at home with the help of a damp cloth or sponge.

However, for the best results, it is always recommended to seek the help of a professional who has experience in applying temporary tattoos.

The price of a temporary tattoo in South Africa can vary depending on the size, complexity, and quality of the design.

Small designs can cost as little as R50, while larger and more intricate designs can cost up to R500.

However, with their low cost and ease of application, temporary tattoos offer a fun and easy way to experiment with new designs without the commitment of a permanent tattoo.

There are many types of Temporary Tattoos that one can get in South Africa and TeMaRo Temporary Tattoos South Africa sells two types.Enquiries WhatsApp or Call Jules 0680483983 Now!

1. Tattoo stickers are genuine Temporary Tattoos that when transferred to your body will give you instant gratification as the ink shows up immediately once transferred. Temporary Tattoos last for up to a week without fading on none pivotal body parts however we recommend that you use them for maximum 3 days.

TeMaRo Temporary Tattoo Stickers are priced from R49,99 to R99,99 excluding shipping to your doorstep.

2. Semi-permanent tattoos are the latest trend in the world of Temporary Tattoos, unlike Tattoo stickers they last for up to two weeks and the main difference is that they look like real Tattoos and when transferred to your body it takes 12 hours for the design to fully show up on your skin.

TeMaRo Temporary Tattoos semi-permanent Tattoos prices start from R159,99 tiny Temporary Tattoos to R399,99 for a full sleeve semi-permanent tattoo.

3. Flash Spray Temporary Tattoos use templates of Tattoo designs and normal body spray paint is used to bring out the design.

4. Henna paste Temporary Tattoos also use templates or free hand to design Tattoos.

All the above different types of Temporary Tattoos will give you different answers as to how much is a Temporary Tattoo in South Africa.

Learn more about TeMaRo Custom Temporary Tattoos South Africa and our variety of designs to choose from. Enquiries WhatsApp or Call Jules 0640771666 Now!

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