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What are Custom Tattoos Stickers?

Custom Tattoos Meaning and Usage 

Custom tattoos stickers are a trending and exciting way to express oneself.

These tattoo stickers are designed to mimic the look and feel of a traditional tattoo without the permanence of real ink.

Custom tattoos can be customized according to the desired size, color scheme, and design to fit anyone's preferences.

In this article, we will discuss what custom tattoos stickers are and how they can be used.

Custom tattoos stickers are essentially temporary tattoos designed to be worn and displayed on the skin.

They are created using a special adhesive material that allows them to stick to the skin without causing any harm or irritation.

Custom tattoos on stickers are made from a durable and water-resistant paper material that is also safe for children and the aged to use.

The rice glue adhesive is gentle on the skin and is specially designed to adhere to the skin surface without leaving any residue.

The customization of the tattoo stickers can vary from design to design.

Some custom tattoos stickers may come with pre-set designs, while others offer complete customization options.

Many websites and vendors offer pre-made designs for customers to choose from, enabling people to pick a design that matches their preference.

Some vendors also allow their customers to submit their designs for them to turn into custom tattoos stickers.

Custom tattoos stickers offer the user to experience the thrill of a desired design without the commitment involved with a real tattoo.

It provides individuals with the opportunity to try out various tattoo designs before deciding on a permanent tattoo.

This ability to experiment has opened up a new market for temporary tattoos, providing users with more choices and options.

The usage of custom tattoos stickers is diverse.

Sports teams and organizations are using custom tattoos stickers to show their support and team spirit.

Companies also use custom tattoo stickers to promote their brands and logos.

Moreover, musicians and artists are using custom tattoo stickers to add some flair and personality to their performances and merchandise.

Custom tattoos stick on designs are a temporary and playful way to express oneself.

They are versatile and can be used in various art forms, as well as for promotional purposes.

These stickers have become a trend in recent times and are expected to gain more popularity in the future.

With their endless possibilities, custom tattoos stickers are a fun and creative way to express oneself without the permanence and commitment of a traditional tattoo.

Custom Tattoos are your personalised tattoo designs that you can get printed on special temporary tattoo paper by TeMaRo from 100 units of the same design, colour and size. Enquiries WhatsApp, SMS or Call 0680483983 or 0640771666 now.

custom printed tattoos TNE experiences

Custom Tattoos vary in their usage both for businesses and individuals.

Usually for businesses customized temporary tattoos are either a company logo, emblem or their motto, tagline or slogan.

Businesses of all sizes use custom tattoos mainly for awareness and awareness in businesses could be:

  1. A marketing brand awareness campaign to introduce a new product or service or even rebranding your company logo.
    • These type of marketing campaigns have proven to work very well with customised tattoo stickers because temporary tattoos are commitment free and fun to wear so it makes it easy to get your target market's eyeballs on body art as compared to billboards. 
    • One of TeMaRo Custom Temporary Tattoos customer manufactures engine oil so they always give free temporary custom tattoos with a discount code at car and bike rallies in South Africa.
    • The thinking behind their brand awareness campaign is that by default most people who attend vehicle rallies also have or love power cars, the vehicles they go to watch will be using the same engine oil that they can buy at a discount for their own cars.
    2. Company wide business change projects and programmes are those changes a business makes to either improve their operations, company culture or even when there is a merger or acquisition. 
    • Business change projects are usually a take it or leave it for organisations because they are used to implement their strategic initiatives however the biggest challenge they face is resistance to change.
    • TeMaRo Custom Temporary Tattoos client in the financial services sector used customised temporary tattoos with a well crafted message mentioning that change was inevitable when they where doing mergers and acquisitions.
    • Using custom temporary tattoos this way makes your message clear and easy to understand therefore reducing fear amongst your staff members. 
    3. Team building exercises are critical for any organisationsbecause strategic planning and execution can only be a pipe dream if your employees are not working cohesivelyas one system. 
    • TeMaRo customer a rugby team uses customised tattoo stickers with different powerful animals as a way to select positions for new players each year. 
    • They ask all team member to choose a tattoo sticker from a box with an animal that resembles their strength. The technique does not only encourage the new players to blend in but it also makes it easy for the coaching staff to know what their players think about themselves. It's just team building fun! 

    Individuals use custom temporary tattoos for anything they want made on temporary tattoos like totems, wedding vows or even the deceased image for funerals and memorial services. 

    Bachelorette Temporary Tattoos 

    Custom temporary tattoos Bachelorette

    Bachelorette custom tattoos are used by women getting married at a Bachelorette party. A Bachelorette party is supposedly the last party that the woman getting married attends.

    Custom temporary tattoos Bachelorette are worn at this party and usually they will be having the groom's face. 

    Birthday Custom Tattoos

    birthday custom tattoos

    One of TeMaRo Custom Tattoos customer printed her 21st birthday temporary tattoos using her childhood image. She gave these tattoo stickers to everyone attending the party at a local club. 

    Everyone who wanted entry into the free party had to wear one as an admission requirementinto the gig. This is just a simple example of how to spice your birthday using customised birthday temporary tattoos. 

    Custom Wedding Temporary Tattoos 

    Custom Temporary Tattoos Wedding

    Wedding custom printed tattoos come in two types which is the custom bride tribe tattoos as well as the custom printed wedding tattoos. 

    While bride tribemail tattoos are only worn by the bridesmaids custom printed wedding tattoos are for everyone. 

    Bride tribe temporary tattoos

    Bride tribe tattoos are worn by close family members, friends and those arranging the wedding to show how strong her bride tribe is.

    Custom wedding temporary tattoos are worn by everyone at the wedding reception and these days some evenuse them as an invitation card to be worn on your body.

    Our custom tattoos individual customers are wedding planners, party planners, bridesmaids, Bachelorette party planners and anyone interested in printing temporary tattoos. 

    Custom Tattoos Temporary printing in South Africa

    In South Africa TeMaRo Temporary Custom Tattoos recently commissioned a temporary tattoos printing factory in Johannesburg.

    In the past most custom tattoos  that have been used in South Africa have been imports and with TeMaRo custom temporary tattoos printing factory it means no more imports, better quality, fast production timelines and cheaper custom temporary tattoos prices. 

    If you are interested in using custom tattoos for individual or business purposes, TeMaRo temporary tattoos can print them for you and our minimum order quantity for custom temporary tattoos bulk printing is a 100 units. 

    Since custom tattoos come in various sizes we therefore do not keep stock of temporary tattoos paper, what this alludes to is the fact that we would need 15-25 working days after you have confirmed and paid for your custom temporary tattoos for production. 

    Temporary Tattoos Custom printing from 100 units in South Africa

    All in all TeMaRo Custom Temporary Tattoos printing factory requires 15-25 working days after your order has been placed to source the right paper for your custom tattoos, print and deliver at your doorstep. 

    1. Custom tattoos with your logo or emblem are the latest effortless way for giving your brand visibility among business and individuals use them for various purposes including parties, weddings and  more.
    2. If you want to order custom branded temporary tattoos please note that our minimum order quantity is 100 units of the same design.
    3. Custom temporary tattoos printing process only starts after you have accepted your order quotation and subsequently made full payment.
    4. TeMaRo Custom Temporary Tattoos South Africa does not keep stock of temporary tattoos paper so we place an order upon receiving your full payment and shipping of the temporary tattoo stickers paper takes 3-4 weeks to our temporary tattoos printing factory in Kempton Park Johannesburg South Africa.
    5. Once we receive the specific paper for your personalized temporary Tattoos then TeMaRo needs a week to print Temporary Tattoos custom designs and ship to your doorstep. 

    custom printed tattoos

    Our promise to you is quality product or your money back. Contact Jules at TeMaRo Custom Temporary Tattoos South Africa +27680483983 to place your order now!


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