Best Semi Permanent Tattoo in South Africa

Introducing Best Semi Permanent Tattoo Sticker

Semi-permanent tattoos are a popular trend amongst those looking for a temporary, but long-lasting tattoo.

These tattoos are created using natural tattoo juice inks, allowing for a unique, personalized and customizable design that lasts longer than regular temporary tattoos and is non toxic.

Now, if you're looking for the best semi-permanent tattoo, here are some options to consider:

  1. Henna Tattoo: Henna tattoos have been loved for a long time and for a good reason- it offers beautiful natural-looking designs that can last up to two weeks. Henna tattoos are also a great option for those who want to stay away from chemicals.
  2. Juice tattoo stickers also known as semi permanent tattoo stickers are genuine tattoo designs screen printed onto waterproof temporary tattoo waterslide transfer paper.

    Semi Permanent tattoo stickers last for up to two weeks and the biggest benefit they have from all the above temporary tattoos is that they look like a real tattoo.

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  3. Jagua Tattoo: Jagua tattoo is another natural ink-based semi-permanent tattoo option. Made from the juice of the jagua fruit, jagua tattoos result in a beautiful blue-black hue that lasts for two to three weeks.
  4. Inkbox: Inkbox is a semi-permanent DIY tattoo kit that offers a vast array of designs. The tattoos last for up to 18 days and go on with the ease of applying a temporary tattoo.
  5. Hybrid Tattoos: A hybrid tattoo is a combination of ink and henna, which offers a darker and longer-lasting result than henna. Hybrid tattoos fade slowly and can last up to six weeks.
  6. Temporary Airbrush Tattoos: Temporary airbrush tattoos are made with alcohol-based inks, and they are sprayed onto the skin. This option comes in a wide variety of designs and is perfect for a one-time event such as a party or wedding.

There are numerous semi-permanent tattoo options available in the market.

No matter what you choose, ensure that you follow the aftercare instructions carefully to make your tattoo last as long as possible.

Best Semi permanent tattoo also known as Juice tattoos are the latest innovation by TeMaRo.

Unlike our legendary tattoo stickers made of soy ink and last 3-5 days, our best semi permanent tattoos are more realistic looking, are made of juice ink and last for 2 weeks without fading.

The most noticiable difference between tattoo stickers and semi permanent tattoos is that a tattoo sticker gives you instant gratification meaning that the tattoo design will be visible on your skin immediately after transfer.

The opposite of this is phenomenon what makes semi permanent tattoos unique, when you transfer the ink it does not appear on your skin immediately but rather develops into a realistic looking tattoo over days and it lasts for 2 weeks without fading.

Best Semi Permanent Tattoo

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