Ensuring Safe Ink: TeMaRo Custom Tattoos' Robust COVID-19 Prevention Policy Takes Center Stage!

Work-From-Home COVID-19 Prevention Policy


The purpose of this policy is to outline guidelines and procedures for TeMaRo employees who wish to work from home.
The policy aims to ensure that remote work arrangements are efficient, effective, and in line with the expectations and best interests of both the employee and the company.

This policy applies to all employees who have been granted the opportunity to work remotely on a regular or occasional basis.


1. Eligibility and Approval:
a. Employees seeking to work from home must submit a written request to their immediate supervisor or manager. Requests should include the proposed length and frequency of remote work and any specific reasons for the request.
b. Remote work arrangements are subject to approval by the employee's supervisor, considering business needs, job responsibilities, and overall performance of the employee.

2. Performance and Productivity:
a. Remote employees are expected to maintain the same level of performance, productivity, and professionalism as their in-office counterparts.
b. Employees must ensure accessibility during working hours, promptly responding to emails, calls, and other communications.
c. Deadlines, project milestones, and other work expectations must be met, regardless of the remote work arrangement.

3. Communication:
a. Remote employees should maintain regular communication with their team members, supervisors, and clients, utilizing appropriate channels such as email, phone, video conferencing, or other approved methods.
b. Virtual meetings and conference calls should be scheduled as necessary to foster collaboration and maintain effective communication.

4. Work Environment and Equipment:
a. Employees are responsible for setting up and maintaining a suitable remote work environment. This includes having a quiet, distraction-free space conducive to productivity.
b. Remote employees must ensure the confidentiality and security of company information/resources and comply with relevant data protection policies.
c. Employees should possess the necessary equipment, software, and technology required to fulfill their job responsibilities effectively. The company may provide essential tools or determine reimbursement guidelines for required expenses.

5. Work Hours and Monitoring:
a. Remote employees must adhere to the agreed-upon work schedule, including breaks and lunch hours, as determined by their supervisor.
b. Supervisors may implement monitoring mechanisms, such as regular check-ins, progress reports, or time-tracking tools, to ensure accountability and productivity.

6. Health and Safety:
a. Remote employees are responsible for maintaining a safe and ergonomic workstation to avoid injury or health-related issues. The company will provide guidelines and resources to promote healthy remote work practices.
b. Employees should report any accidents, injuries, or work-related incidents occurring during remote work to their supervisor.

7. Termination of Remote Work Arrangement:
a. The company reserves the right to terminate or modify remote work arrangements at any time for any reason, subject to applicable employment laws and regulations.
b. Remote work approval may be revoked if an employee fails to comply with the policy, exhibits poor performance, or if operational needs change.

8. Policy Review:
a. This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness, relevance, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
b. Any changes in the policy will be communicated to all employees in a timely and effective manner.

This policy has been reviewed and approved by the TeMaRo management team. It is effective as of 05 April 2020.
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