How to order fake tattoos

How to order Fake Tattoos Online?

How to order fake tattoos online at TeMaRo is very simple however team TeMaRo understands that some of our customers need help for various reasons. 

Fake tattoos are an excellent way to show off your personality or creativity without committing to a permanent design.Best Temporary Tattoos - Custom Temporary Tattoos

Whether you're interested in using them for cosplay, party favors, or temporary fun, there are various options available to order fake tattoos online.

Here's how to order fake tattoos:

Step 1: Choose the Type of Tattoo You Want before contacting TeMaRo

There are many types of fake tattoos available online.

Some designs are pre-designed, while others can be customized to your liking.


You can choose from different temporary tattoo styles, including semi permanent tattoos tattoo decals, and customised temporary tattoos.

Water transfer tattoos are the easiest to apply and are the most commonly used temporary tattoos.

Step 2: Browse Through Different Designs

Once you've decided what type of fake tattoo you want, browse through the available designs.

Many websites have a wide variety of tattoo designs to choose from, ranging from simple patterns to complex designs.

You can also upload your image to create a custom tattoo design.

Step 3: Determine the Quantity

Knowing how many fake tattoos you need is crucial to determine how much you will need to pay.

You can order a single tattoo, or bulk order them depending on the event or purpose for which you are getting the tattoos.

Most websites offer discounts for bulk purchases.

Step 4: Check the Delivery Time and Shipping Options

Whether you're ordering for a specific event or personal needs, it's essential to know how quickly you'll receive your fake tattoos.

Some websites offer rush delivery options for a higher cost, while others provide free standard shipping.

Checking the shipping options beforehand makes sure that you get the fake tattoos in time for your event.

Step 5: Place Your Order

Now that you've chosen the design, quantity, and delivery options, it's time to place your order.

Some websites require payment upfront, while others ask for payment after the fake tattoos are delivered.

Check for any other instructions, such as how to apply the tattoos correctly.

Ordering fake tattoos online is incredibly easy and the process doesn't have to be intimidating.

By following the above steps, you'll have your fake tattoos in no time.

As a word of note, remember to read reviews, check quality, customer support, and privacy policies of the website before making the payment to avoid any inconvenience.

How to order fake tattoos pictorial is for those who don't have time but need to understand the process

How to order fake tattoos simplified 

If you are shopping for pre printed or ready to wear fake tattoo stickers then simply click on the product and you select the designs you want by adding to cart.
  1. When you finish choosing your temporary tattoos by adding to cart, click checkout to add your address and payment details
  2. After you have paid we will deliver your fake tattoos order for Free to your doorstep within 1-3 days.
    To order custom printed fake tattoos simply click the order custom tattoos button from the home page or here.
    1. This link will take you to the custom temporary tattoos product page.
    2. Select the size of custom fake tattoos you want to be printed from the drop box. eg 3cm X 3cm or 5cm X 5cm.
    3. Select the quantity you want.
    4. Click the green button to upload your customised temporary tattoo image.
    5. Add to cart, click checkout to add your address and payment details.
    6. Pay for your order and TeMaRo Custom Temporary Tattoos will print and ship your order within 5 days. is South Africa's biggest, cheapest and most reliable wholesale temporary tattoos supplier in South Africa. 

      If you still need assistance about how to order fake tattoos, simply contact us.

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      2. High quality guarantee your money back
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      • Safe & non-toxic
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      • Sticks with rice glue
      • Manufactured and printed under SGS certified processes 

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