Tattoos Semi Permanent Usage

Tattoos Semi Permanent How To!

How to apply a semi permanent tattoos sold by TeMaRo

Tattoos semi permanent application to your body is very easy however please note that the preparation for the application is more important.
Tattoos semi permanent designs guidelines below will make your design to last longer enabling you to enjoy the benefits for 2 weeks:
  1. Please ensure that your skin is clean and dry, tattoos semi permanent will stick perfectly when your skin is free from dirt, oils, chemicals or alcohol.
  2. Remove any excess body hair from the skin area where you want to wear your tattoo semi permanent. We suggest that you use cotton pads and alcohol to thoroughly remove any oil, lotion and dirt from your skin.
  3. Remove the outermost protective transparent film from the semi permanent tattoo.
  4. When you remove the outer foil from the semi permanent tattoo sticker there will be another foil at the bottom of the tattoo design where it is not printed.
  5. When you remove this plastic foil from the tattoo semi permanent white non printed side then it leaves a sticky surface.
  6. Stick the temp tattoo with the design side face up onto the desired area, the sticky side of the tattoo sticker semi permanent is the one you stick on your body as opposed to temporary tattoo stickers that you stick face down.
  7. When you have thoroughly completed sticking the sticker tattoos temporary place a wet towel, cloth or sponge firmly onto the tattoo design and you must literally soak the design completely so that every drop of ink gets transfered onto your skin.
  8. After soaking the whole tattoos semi permanent design, TeMaRo Tattoos specialist recommends that you keep your towel, sponge or cloth for at least 30 seconds and then gently slide the paper off. 

How come I do not see my juice tattoo design? 

Tattoos Semi PermanentImmediately after transfer your tatttos semi permanent design shows as a grey sticky glue, please do not touch, scratch, rub or apply any lotion, vaseline or even perfume or cologne. 

Tattoos Semi Permanent appears in 6 hours

When you transfer your tattoos semi permanent ink, you will not see the tattoo design immediately but it develops into a realistic looking tattoo starting from 6 hours up to a fortnight.

    Tattoos temporary semi permanent 

    Always keep your temporary tattoo inked area clean because the tattoo can pick up dust or lint from clothes.

    Tattoos semi permanent for sale online at TeMaRo

    If that happens your tatttos temporary design can look a bit dirty, especially around the edges and this can easily be fixed by gently washing the tattoo with water.

    Do not worry,TeMaRo Tattoos are waterproof  and they won't wear off easily, you need to avoid rubbing the ink. 

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