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Same Day Satisfaction: TeMaRo's Custom Temporary Tattoo Revolution

Can you get same day temporary tattoos printing in South Africa?

In the vibrant streets of South Africa, a revolution is underway.

It's not political; it's personal.

It's the art of expression, painted on the skin of those who dare to wear their hearts on their sleeves, literally.

Enter TeMaRo Custom Temporary Tattoos, the South African trailblazer transforming the temporary tattoo scene.

The TeMaRo Edge: Instant Ink, Infinite Possibilities

Why wait when you can create?

At TeMaRo's Sales Office, the magic happens in a day.


Customised Temporary Tattoos - TeMaRo™

Your designs, your dreams, inked instantly as temporary tattoos.

It's a service that speaks to the spontaneity of the modern world, where waiting is passé and now is never soon enough.

More Than Skin Deep: Temporary Tattoos for Every Occasion

Temporary tattoos are the chameleons of the accessory world, adapting to any event with ease.

They're the silent shout for brand awareness, turning bodies into billboards at bustling events.

They're the life of the party, the sparkle at functions, and the silent drumroll at product launches.

Imagine a logo coming to life at a trade show or a team mascot rallying the crowd at a varsity match—this is the power of temporary tattoos.

A Canvas for Every Customer

Customised Temporary Tattoos - TeMaRo™

TeMaRo's clientele is as diverse as the tattoos they wear.

Businesses, schools, sports teams, and unions—all find their mark with TeMaRo.

A restaurant's anniversary? 

Commemorated with culinary ink.

A school's fundraiser?

Branded with educational emblems.

Every temporary tattoo tells a story, and TeMaRo is the narrator.

The TeMaRo Promise: Quality and Convenience Unmatched

While competitors grapple with minimum orders and imported delays, TeMaRo stands apart.

Here, tattoos are printed while you wait, a testament to the company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

No order too small, no design too complex—TeMaRo caters to all, with a personal touch.

Your Next Step: Join the TeMaRo Movement

Are you ready to make a statement without a lifetime commitment?

Do you want to brand your next event with unforgettable flair?

Why not choose the convenience and quality of TeMaRo Temporary Tattoos?

Reach out to TeMaRo today and discover how we can bring your vision to life, on your terms, on your time. 

Because at TeMaRo, we believe that the best things in life are temporary.

For more information or to place an order, visit our online store or contact us directly at our office located at 128 Monument Road, Aston Manor, Kempton Park, Johannesburg, South Africa 1630.

You can also call us at 068-308 -6399 or email

Let's ink the moment together!

Are you ready to wear your passion?

Contact TeMaRo Temporary Tattoos and turn your vision into a vibrant reality today.

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