Tattoo Stickers Printing Guide

Tattoo Stickers Printing Guide: Get Inked Your Way

Our Tattoo Stickers Printing Guide a must read!

At TeMaRo Custom Temporary Tattoos, we take pride in designing tattoo stickers that adhere to our guidelines.

We understand the importance of creating temporary tattoo stickers that are appropriate for all audiences and do not promote or condone any form of discrimination or negativity.

One of the important temporary tattoos stickers printing guidelines that we follow is to ensure that:

Designs do not contain any mature language

  • Racism, violence or threats. We believe in promoting positivity and inclusivity in our designs, and do not support any form of hate speech or violence.

    We also consider the sexual content when evaluating tattoo stickers designs.

    1. We are committed to creating tattoos that are appropriate for people of all ages and backgrounds, and therefore, designs containing any explicit or sexual content will not be accepted.
    2. We also value and support the LGBTQQQIP2SAA community and ensure that our designs are inclusive and respectful towards all individuals.
    3. Similarly, sexism and misogyny have no place in our designs, and we do not condone any form of gender discrimination.

    We respect the privacy and rights of public figures and groups, and ensure that our designs do not infringe upon any legal or ethical boundaries.

    Similarly, tattoos promoting drug use or any illegal activities will not be entertained.

    Our approach towards current events is sensitive and non-political.

    1. We believe that tattoos should not be used as a platform to propagate any political or ideological agenda.

      As we strive to create designs that are inclusive and promote positivity, we use our discretion to determine the appropriateness of all submitted designs.

      At TeMaRo Custom Temporary Tattoos, our guidelines ensure that our designs embody the values of respect, positivity, inclusivity, and creativity.

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