FAQs Temporary Tattoos Custom

FAQs Temporary Tattoos Custom by TeMaRo customers

Temporary Tattoos Custom designs by TeMaRo.co.za are your own designs we can print from minimum 10 units of the same design. 

Below  is a list of common customer questions to help you understand why temporary tattoos custom customers are happy with the TeMaRo Temporary Tattoo printing service.

What is a Temporary Tattoo Custom?

A fake tattoo also known as a temp tattoo or temporary tattoo is a genuine tattoo design that TeMaRo.co.za prints on special tattoo paper for later usage on any part of your body. Custom temporary tattoos are usually a company logo, emblem or motto mostly used by businesses for brand awareness, social responsibility initiatives and team building programs. 

Who uses Temporary Tattoos Custom?

Temp Tattoos are used by businesses and individuals. Whilst businesses use temporary tattoos for brand awareness or visibility,  corporate social responsibility initiatives as well as for team building programs, individuals use them for parties, concealing scars, test driving the design before getting tatted or as a fashion accessory.

How long does a temporary tattoo custom last for?

The technology that TeMaRo.co.za uses to print your temporary tattoo custom makes it last for 3-5 days on pivotal body parts and up to 2 weeks on non pivotal body parts. We recommend that you wear your design on non pivotal areas like your leg, forearm, thigh, calf, back or on chest.

When does one use temporary tattoos custom?

In South Africa most of our corporate customers use temporary tattoos custom for brand awareness campaigns like corporate social esponsibility initiatives, team building and marketing & promotional campaigns.

How do I get my own temporary tattoos custom?

Simply explore the preprinted temporary tattoos catalog online or alternatively contact us should you want to design temporary tattoos by sending a WhatsApp, SMS or Call 0683086399 or jules@temaro.co.za 

How do I use custom temporary tattoos?

With no limit in size, shape and quantity, you can create personalized temporary tattoos for any of your DIY projects or events! TeMaRo.co.za allows you to customize your temporary tattoos using any design, color, message, picture and more, so you can make what matters to you sticks.

Create your own unique temporary tattoos for music festivals, charity events, theme park trips, family reunions, bachelorette parties, sporting events, company events and more. Our custom temporary tattoos are a great way to show off your love, spirit, and support!

How do I apply my custom temporary tattoos?

To apply your temporary tattoos, first you must make sure your hands are dry. Start by cutting out your tattoo as close to the graphic as possible. Then remove the plastic layer and place the tattoo face-down with the image side touching your skin. Using a wet cloth or sponge, cover the entire tattoo, and hold it on top of the tat for 10-15 seconds - make sure the entire tattoo is wet. Finally, slide off the backing paper and let your customized tattoo air dry! View video here 

How long will my temporary tattoo custom last?

Our custom temporary tattoos are durable and will last two to five or more days, depending on how you take care of them. They’re also waterproof and weather resistant, so you can celebrate all of your special events without fear of them coming off!

How do I remove my custom temporary tattoo?

There are two ways you can remove your temporary tattoo. One way is when your tattoo is dry, peel it off your skin from the edge of the tattoo. Another option is to soak a cloth with baby oil and use it to rub it off your skin.

Will my temporary tattoo show up on my skin properly?

Yes, our custom temporary tattoos offer high visibility in order to show off your unique designs! To further ensure that your temporary tattoos stand out, we recommend using vibrant colors and designs. Rest assured, we print with very high quality inks that print very dense, and will result in a bold finish on any skin tone.

I want white ink in my tattoo can you do them?

We do offer white ink for tattoos! It is a special request and would require a minimum order of 10. If you reach out to jules@temaro.co.za, a member of our sales team will help you place your order with white ink.

Is there a minimum order quantity for temporary tattoos?

If you’re just looking for our preprinted temporary tattoos, there is no minimum, you can order as little as 1 tattoo! If you’re interested in our speciality custom tattoos with white ink, glitter, metallic, or glow in the dark, there is a minimum order of 10 units of the same design. Our self service temporary tattoos custom page allows you to order online effortlessly. For temporary tattoos custom orders over 2000 contact jules@temaro.co.za a member of our team can help you with your order.

What’s the smallest size I can make my tattoos?

The smallest size you can make your tattoos are 3cm x 3cm to enable good visibility.

What file format can I upload my tattoos in to the website?

The file formats you can upload to the website are Jpegs, PNGs, Gifs and PDFs. Have something different? Contact jules@temaro.co.za 

Can I use photos for my temporary tattoos, will they turn out?

As long as the photo has high enough resolution, it should work. If you want to check to be safe, contact jules@temaro.co.za

How to use temporary tattoos

Product Features Temporary Tattoos Custom 

  1. Without Scrubbing, Lasts 2-3 Days
  2. Easy to Apply with Water
  3. White Ink can be printed on special request
  4. 3-7 days lead time 
  5. No Mercury
  6. Soy or Juice ink 
  7. Rice glue 
  8. Removable with Baby Oil
  9. Fake tattoo variety
  10. High quality guarantee your money back
  11. Fast temporary tattoo printing and shipping
  12. Affordable fake tattoo printing prices

❤️Get your own custom tattoo stickers from TeMaRo™! 🎉Only 1 units min. order. 🚚 Fast delivery in 3-5 days. Pre-printed tattoos also available. ☎️Contact 0683086399 or 📨jules@temaro.co.zaTeMaRo Custom Temporary Tattoos are:

  • Safe & non-toxic
  • Printed with soy ink
  • Sticks with rice glue
  • Manufactured and printed under SGS certified processes 

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