Wholesale Temporary Tattoos in South Africa

Wholesale Temporary Tattoo in South Africa 

Wholesale temporary tattoos are a great addition to any retail store, beauty salon, tattoo parlor, party supply business, or amusement park.

They are inexpensive, easy to apply and remove, and come in a variety of designs that appeal to children and adults alike.

Here are some places to purchase wholesale temporary tattoos:

1. TeMaRo – This company offers a wide selection of temporary tattoos, including holiday-themed designs, glow-in-the-dark tattoos, and custom options for businesses and events. TeMaRo is based in South Africa and it is probably the best in the country.

2. Tattify – Tattify has a great selection of trendy and unique temporary tattoo designs, perfect for teens and young adults. They also offer bulk discounts for larger orders but unfortunately they are not in South Africa and shipping may delays receipt of your order.

3. TMI Gifts – TMI Gifts has a huge selection of temporary tattoos for all ages, from classic designs to licensed characters like Disney and Marvel. This company is also not in South Africa.

4. Fun Express – Fun Express is a great option for those looking for themed temporary tattoos for events like birthday parties, school events, and holidays. This is a USA based company.

5. Savvi – Savvi specializes in licensed character temporary tattoos, including popular franchises like Paw Patrol, Transformers, and My Little Pony. Not based in South Africa too.

No matter the occasion, wholesale temporary tattoos are a fun and affordable way to bring some excitement and personality to any event or storefront.

TeMaRo Wholesale Temporary Tattoos help corporates and small businesses like creches, colleges, bars, restaurants, schools, universities,  clubs, teams, NGOs, churches and any other business with effortless brand awareness or visibility using temporary tattoos. 

TeMaRo wholesale temporary tattoo supplies include kids' birthday gifts, bachelorette party temporary tattoos, weddings bridesmaids temporary tattoos, funerals, memorial services, chic accessories for adults and more.

TeMaRo Wholesale Temporary Tattoos South Africa for you to start reselling

TeMaRo wholesale temporary tattoos fit perfectly with a variety of retail environments not limited to but including street traders and robot vendors, hair salons and beauty parlors, shops, adult shops, hotels and lodges.

Our wholesale temporary tattoos lineup includes all of our TeMaRo best sellers, glow in the dark, gold, silver ,red and black henna plus eyebrow tattoo stickers. 

Wholesale Temporary Tattoos minimum order quantity is a 100 temp tattoos pre printed designs and you can choose up to 20 designs meaning that your order will be 20 designs each having 5 in quantity. 

Wholesale  Temporary Tattoos by TeMaRo

❤️Get your own custom tattoo stickers from TeMaRo™! 🎉Only 1 units min. order. 🚚 Fast delivery in 3-5 days. Pre-printed tattoos also available. ☎️Contact 0683086399 or 📨jules@temaro.co.za 

TeMaRo Custom Temporary Tattoos are:

  • Safe & non-toxic
  • Printed with soy ink
  • Sticks with rice glue
  • Manufactured and printed under SGS certified processes 

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